Baggage Allowances

Total Ban on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Passengers are informed that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices are prohibited from being brought on all our flights on person, in carry-on baggage, check-in baggage or as freight items. Norfolk Island Airlines places the safety of passengers and crew as our priority. The ban has also been enforced by various aviation authorities.

Cabin Baggage Allowance

CUSTOMER TYPE                   CLASS                 WEIGHT       MAXIMUM DIMENSION               No of PIECES
Adult & Child Economy 7kg 55x40x23cm 1 Piece
Adult & Child Premium 7kg 55x40x23cm 1 Piece
Adult & Child Business 7kg 56x45x25cm  1 Piece 
Child (< 2yrs ) All Classes     3kg For Accompanying Adult


Each customer is permitted one small personal item, such as a laptop or purse, in addition to their Cabin Baggage allowance.

Occasionally, we may not always have space to stow all cabin baggage safely on board. Therefore, if your cabin bag (including handles and wheels) does not comply with our weight and size policy, you will be asked to check in some or all of your cabin baggage at the check in counter, and as such, you will be charged for any extra baggage.

Non-compliance fees will be applied at the boarding gate for all cabin bags that do not comply with our cabin baggage size and weight limit policy.

In addition to your allowance stated above, you may carry on board with you the following items for free:

  • A handbag
  • A pocket book or purse, which is appropriate to normal travel dress and is not being used as a container for the transportation of articles which would otherwise be regarded as baggage
  • An overcoat, wrap or blanket
  • An umbrella or walking stick
  • A small camera and/or a pair of binoculars
  • A reasonable amount of reading matter for the flight
  • Customers travelling with children below the age of two (2) years are entitled to 3kg free cabin baggage allowance which may include articles for use in the cabin such as nappies and baby food for consumption in flight
  • A pair of crutches, and/or braces or other prosthetic device for the customers use, provided that the customer is dependent upon them
  • A Wedding Dress / Gown
  • 114x60x11(185cm) Garment Bag
  • A Duty Free Bag purchased at the airport prior to boarding
  • A collapsible baby stroller is permissible in cabin ONLY if it is secured in a bag which is within the cabin baggage maximum dimensions. Any baby stroller exceeding the cabin baggage allowance may be used as far as the aircraft door (prior to getting onboard) where it is handed over to agents to be hold stowed.
To support a smooth check-in experience, please ensure your cabin bag easily fits within the cabin baggage Size and Weight as set out below. Any cabin bag found to be beyond thes applicable permissible weight and size allowance will be subject to additional charges at the check-in counter or boarding gate. All compliant cabin baggage must be tagged as compliant before you leave the check-in counter.

 Checked Baggage Allowance

CUSTOMER TYPE            CLASS                     WEIGHT  PER PIECE                       PIECES
Adult & Child Economy 23kg 1 Piece
Adult & Child Premium 23kg 2 Piece
Adult & Child Business 23kg 3 Piece
Infant ( 2yrs ) All Classes 10kg + Stroller 1 Piece

Additional Checked Baggage

Additional bags may be purchased at the time of making your booking and prior to check-in for $55.00 per bag.

Additional checked baggage cannot be purchased at the airport and any bags exceeding the passenger checked baggage allowance will be charged at $120.00 per bag.

Cabin Baggage Non Compliant Rates

When non-compliant cabin baggage is removed at the boarding gate a baggage fee of $120.00 per bag is payable. The fee is charged at the boarding gate.

Excess and oversized baggage charges (AUD)

First additional piece: $120
Second additional piece: $200 (i.e. $320 for two)
Third and subsequent additional pieces: $250
Overweight (for bags over 23kg but under 32kg) and oversized items: $120